I went to see a football match yesterday. It was like the local championship-title game, TPS versus Inter. To be honest here, I am not that interested of football. Like I already told you, I went there, cause I got invited! There was even a small cherry on top of the cake, of the invitation: I got to go there, was treated like a VIP and the team TPS supported my brand by buying caps to their team! On top of that small cherry, there might’ve been a bunch more cherries; live football was not even boring! It was quite fun actually…

The whole team TPS wearing the FightBack-caps as they entered.

Team TPS even came to the court, wearing the FightBack-caps. They bought them from me, and that was a gesture, which for, I’m grateful. But the good will didn’t end there, oh no.

As team TPS had entered the court, wearing the caps, and the game begun, they threw them to the audience! If you weren’t lucky enough to catch one of them, get yours from Element, Linnankatu 10 Turku!

For all of this I get to give thanks to this guy… He spotted me at the gym, invited me to the game, and he’s just been like a Boss. Well – I guess that’s why, he IS the Boss (of fc-TPS…)



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