I was really happy yesterday, and even though I just bought one train ticket to a false destination and lost my sweet FightBack drinking bottle to Jyväskylä’s train station… I’m pretty happy now, too! Am I careless?

-no, I don’t think so…

I was really irritated for a second, because even false train tickets cost money, and Sigg drinking bottles, on top of being cool, cost money too! I was irritated only for a second though, cause these problems won’t be fatal. I was talking for adult students in Jyväskylä about motivation, and about positive attitude towards, well, life in general… How could I say something like that, AND get mad for something like THAT?!

-in a second I was laughing at myself…

I'm just talking about, how important a little thing called MOTIVATION is... in everything.

I’m just talking about, how important a little thing called MOTIVATION is… in everything.

And all of a sudden I’m sitting here and writing you this, smiling… Awfully big part of my presentations have sustained technical difficulties, just like today’s. That’s why, I’m really used to that, which makes me not to care too much. I’m so used to things going wrong already, that I can just laugh about it. The best in this is, that quite often the audience joins me laughing… at least so far. 🙂

That’s my work, having presentations, and telling you how they get screwed up… 😉 Actually, to be honest here, I don’t even screw up that often. Even technically. Sometimes I’m all alone. It’s kind of relieving not to have to count on any technical devices.



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