I know that, the rehab is a long, rough road. I’ve taken the first roughest steps, and now I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. The tunnel, which has been so shallow in the beginning of my journey. I’m happy that, I can’t even memorize those times myself.

Now I’m living the work shift. It’s just countless hours of work, for myself. But I’m super happy that, I’m even able to do the work. I’ve had a full day training, beginning with CrossFit, and Elixia gym workout to the end. I’m super happy. Happy that I have gotten to the point in which, I can care about such things as the constitution of my body.

I’ve come so far, but I’m not happy yet. I believe, that I’m the kind of person, who’s never happy with himself. I had an awesome day. Working out, making myself better.

I however, am not even nearly in the state where I was before the BANG. Will I ever get there, mentally? The most defined no, physically? This would be a no, as well… I may never become the same guy, as I may have came. But I may have an awesome life, just like this. Good night!

This was the most beautiful picture I had. So I put it up.

This was the most beautiful picture I had. So I decided put it up.



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