Why can’t every Monday be like this? I’m having a blast! On Saturday and yesterday, I was thinking too much about, well… every little thing. Last night, I slept pretty poorly, but that didn’t bother me. I jumped up very sharply (at least on my own opinion…;) ate my porridge, and continued to the gym. Gym is where I can push everything out of my mind and concentrate on what I really want. I want to get back. 100 %.

This isn’t gonna happen, so I’m ready to settle with 99%, humbly. Being a professional skier – skiing for my profession, was an enormous part of me. So I have to find another thing I love as deeply… or I’ll have to settle up with hundreds –, of thousands of other little things.

Taking a long stroll on Saturday (10km).

Taking a long stroll on Saturday (10km… I will walk a lot with these sticks, cause walking with them is good for my upper-body, too…)

I got a crazy idea while eating breakfast… “I’m going to run a marathon next fall!” I shared this idea with my mother and with my couch, receiving a “no go” from my mom, cause the wearing out my body while running falsely. From Topi, I got my fair share of laughter with a “PLEASE… yes, I’ll come with you, we’ll hop on a cab after the first km, and hop off it tho km’s from the finish line, a perfect plan!” I think he may have been sarcastic. It made me to think though… and you know what thinking leads to… I’m going to make sure that I will consume my body as smartly, as possible. I will run as many marathons, as I want to. And I will come a Superman.  




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