For everyone’s great, NEW peace of information, life’s full of uphills and downhills. Tonight I’m going to go to Sello, Espoo, to watch a movie about Shane McConkey’s (December 30, 1969 – March 26, 2009) downhills… and basejumping, WHILE SKIING?!


My girlfriend is going to come with me, and I’m pretty stoked for tonight! As am I for tomorrow, Makke (the managing machine…) is going to take me and my new babe (the recumbent… not Viivus!) to the trainstation, and I’m gonna take the babe home with me!! So from this on, I don’t have to walk down ALL the downhills…

Today was just another day, which I spent with the managing Machine. So basically, it was just awesome. I found out many new INTERESTING pieces of information, but I’m not going to tell them to you. I’m gonna go, and watch the Shane McConkey film, Heroes by Nature!



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