Even though the headline, YOU do not have to turn any pages… you can stay right where you are. I am the one turning it. But I’m not talking about any web sites, even though, turning the page, this time, does include at least my web site into it. I’m talking about professions, more specifically, about MY profession.

We all know that I, have many things going on. What happened to me today, before I went swimming, was just the kind of super official business-meeting I tend to participate to. Yeeeah, right… The topic of the meeting, was my web sites. How we could make these bigger and better, because it’d mean that, I could make THIS my profession. Rehabilitate myself, workout, just be myself (awesome) everyday, AND get paid of it! Sound like a pretty good of a plan, right?

Here you see the guy, who explained me what we’ll do… how will I gain from it and all that. But the guy’s BEARD?! Apparently been there since 16 years old… I must agree that, it makes even my magnificent stache, look a bit childish… DON’T you tell anyone I admitted that!!!

This sites’ evolving to my job would also mean, accomplishing the greatest one of my goals, in even closer future… making FightBack – the brand, completely beneficent.

I have received so much help on this path of rehab, from each and everyone of you for instance… that I can’t even thank you enough. And even though, this may sound like this’d be my last blog, it is not. Nor is this my first one… This is a beginning, the beginning of, just continuing my current blogging phase. Continuing and actually even getting something out of it…

These pages are going to evolve. But only to a better direction! On top of just the blogposts, you are going to see my Tweets, Instagram and everything here. You can also start using the hashtag #fightbackph, on what ever you want to say about me, to me, or with me. 😉 I’m going to have two swimmingsessions tomorrow, so I’ll take off now!



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