My journey here has been rough. I lost my dream, my profession and almost my life. I have had to fight, in order to get here. I mean, I’ve had to rehabilitate myself, and believe it or not… it has felt like fighting sometimes. Even though I’m not a violent guy, hell no! I’ve been fighting with a smile on my face! 🙂

But sometimes, like today for instance… the fighting gets really frustrating. I went to Turun Urheilupuisto, for a running practice. I got sent home, though, because I seemed to be coming sick. I felt a little sick, too, I admit… I didn’t even want to workout, which definitely sounds like being sick to me!

I hope that these will get me back on track!

I hope that these will get me back on track!

Then I came home. I drank some tea (and I’ve kept drinking it since…), measured my temperature (twice) 35,1°C, ate some super foods and now, I’ve been just taking it easy. This is NOT MOVING!

Here we get to the point, in which the headline may start to seem a little sensibler… While I was drinking those, I heard the postman on my door…

I was staring AT MY OWN FACE :D Cheers...

I went to pickup the post, and all of a sudden… I was staring AT MY OWN FACE 😀 Cheers…

The story turned out to be, one of my favorites so far.

I took it to kitchen, and the story turned out to be one of my favorites, this far.

This story made me thinking, how can I feel myself like such a loser, and still tell everyone to MOVE?! I thought for a while and then I just nodded, yes, I will fight Back. ASAP. Tomorrow, I’ll have a story to make, and the day after tomorrow… I should be in Helsinki, filming IS After Dark.

Turku Liikkeelle = Turku Move. I personally know, how much it sucks to be unable to move. And I personally want to make everybody to see, how great just being able to move really is! How great is it, to MOVE??!

I can’t move today, nor tomorrow. The day after tomorrow, maybe… On Sunday then again, definitely! If I’ll get better… But for those of you, who are all healthy and OK, please MOVE! I guarantee, it will make you feel good! At least at some point… 😉



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