I started my day early, going to the CrossFit Box at 08.00. This was maybe the best CrossFit-workout I’ve had so far. And no, I did not fall off a rowing machine this time either, but that’s not the reason…

The reason is that, I got to run! So far I’ve just been rowing, doing squats with no weight or something to warm up, but now Tuomo had seen this:

and I got to run for warm up!

I used to just row.

I used to just row.

I also got to do some abs, triceps (dips) and push-ups, finishing it up with a pull-up round, but the running was awesome! It was so rough, too, but it’s not going to get any easier if I don’t practice it… I still have that marathon ahead of me, so I just need to run, a lot.

Our today’s session was: -the running (200m)
-6 dips
-9 pushups
-12 abs
-run (the 200)

And to finish things off, we did the pull-up thing… 1st round: 1 pull-up, 2nd: 2, 3rd: 3 and so on. There was always 1 minute of rest in between the rounds. I got to seventh round and then I was done. PS. I did some more pushups and a hoover for 2 minutes after that, so the workout was a piece of cake… (That was NOT for your eyes Tuomo!)



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