My honey went back to school, and thus, I’ve got all the time in the world, to go all in, in rehabbing myself BACK! My last post was pretty boring, and thus, I made it hidden from my fan page in Facebook… You all know what it is, what I do in order NOT to get bored myself. I work out. But it’s kind of different now. The working out/ rehabilitating myself, has become like a “job” for me. Learning to run again, is one of the most important things for me right now. And I get to relate to it, as MY JOB?!?

-I’m a super lucky guy.

Then for those very few of you, tend to be somehow jealous for me, for being able to “live my dream”, I can tell you that, this is a dream, which isn’t always a good dream. I have a lot of harder moments in my rehab, to which I refer quite often as, “my Fight”. Every fighter, gets knocked out sometimes. My Fight just began by, a really strong Knock Out! I was  Knocked Out for weeks… 😀

I woke up,  I started to get back onto my feet, and pretty slowly (almost miraculously considering some estimations…), after some years, got back to everyday life. My life will never be normal everyday-life. Actually, my everyday is quite unusual. I guess I can even understand some being jealous for this. But still, I would say that, I’d taken almost any kind of everyday, without crashing, rehab and all the stuff I’ve had to do… but I did all that. I’m still going “all in”, in getting “Back”, and since people are getting inspired by my attitude, I’m very happy. 

I’m just trying to Fight Back, to living a happy life, and I am a really happy… 🙂 so it’s not that hard!

Today I had a Superb gym session in the morning, followed by a very nice and interesting Yoga hour, held by Jooga Sofia.

I had a very good day… 🙂



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