Even though my legs did not satisfy me, I got surprised as I pulled up, at the upstairs (I decided to do a little biceps as well…) My plan was to try, IF I could do 10-8-4. I could do it, but as I pulled up for the 10th time on the first round, I wasn’t tired at all! Thus pulled I 5 more, making this my record for years! The remaining sets were 10 and 5. Then I was done! Almost. My biceps asked very politely, if I could take them down to lift some weights too… but then, I was done!

But the thing that, my legs betrayed me while squatting, was just unacceptable. I thought I had got my legs of steel back, even partly… but no. They weren’t, where they’re supposed to be. That might’ve been a thing, which some would’ve taken just negatively… I didn’t. What it made me to do instead, was getting the idea of FightBack doing a t-shirt, wife beater, or a hoodie in co-operation with LOS! I haven’t even talked with any of the guys yet, but wouldn’t it be great?! FightBack & Legs Of Steel! FightBack 2 Get Legs Of Steel! 😉

The other thing I want to talk to you about, is the FightBack videos. I know that, there hasn’t been any around, lately… After the gym, I had a phone call with the chief behind the camera, and we decided to do more! Since the situation now, is very different from last year… We are going to make at least two episodes, maybe even three, cause now the guy actually gives a rat’s ass again… 😉

Currently I’m waiting a phone call, from the documentary’s- BUSY cinematographer/ -the boss. Nothing has happened since last spring, but I’m very sure that in the end, we are going to have a golden peace of documentary in our hands. Everything goes down to my own motivation, if I’ll rehab my ass off… everything else will profit as well! Just it’s a long road, but only 20-90 minutes of documentary… so we will take it calmly.

Speaking of rehabilitating my ass off, I’m going to Synapsia, Just To Do It, next week! This may mean some changes to my blogging… Although this only means that, the time on which the posts are going to be published, is gonna be a bit later. If my old laptop will work! (Fingers crossed!)



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