I have been dreaming about someone doing a song of the FightBack. About how uncertain everything really is, how anything can happen, but most importantly, how you can always Fight Back! The song shouldn’t be just about me, or my story. My story is just an example, my Fight Back from the TBI (traumatic brain injury) isn’t anything new, or spectacular… but I am willing to continue my life after being injured. And I am standing up, helping everybody to see how awesomely things really are in our life!

She's the Voice of Finland! And he's Michael Monroe. I may be the tallest... but I felt like a small boy in that company! So many compliments of Michael...

She’s the Voice of Finland! And he’s Michael Monroe. I may be the tallest… but I felt like a small boy in that company! +So many compliments of Michael…

I was watching the finals of ‘The Voice of Finland’ on Friday, and it made me to dream again. “We need The Voice for the Fight Back!” My friends Robin Packalen and Elastinen kind of took care of it already in Finland, with their new single “Kipinän hetki”. It wasn’t specifically about the FightBack… but I love the message of the song. It speaks about throwing yourself completely into whatever’s important to you. That’s something respectable.  I want to do everything in my life with that attitude. I love the song. 

The Voice of Finland!

The Voice of Finland!

I’m writing this post in English, even though the song is in Finnish… It’s because I see the need for FightBack pretty much everywhere. FightBack for me, stands for so many things. It stands for everything in my life, but I’m relating it to everything else all the time, too. What is important in fighting Back, is to be able to throw yourself ALL IN, to whatever it is you’re doing. And I feel like music would be a perfect way to spread the FightBack message. How you can get through almost anything with the right attitude.

We need that. I voted at the Finnish elections today, and I believe that Finland must go all in as well. I wish the parliament all the best! Congrats, you deserve to be there!

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