I’m currently, at least trying to… live THE time of my life! It’s really fresh and bright outside, everything’s going really great, and I have no worries, whatsoever. I just came in from a perfect little walk, and my conclusion was that, I love this.

I just took this, as I came back, from escorting Viivia.

I just took this, as I came back, from escorting Viivia to a test.

Not to be just positive again, my girlfriend’s mom slipped over on an icy hill, and broke her foot… that’s too bad. My girlfriend was very sorry for her, and I feel it for her as well, but I had to remind my GF, that it’s just a foot. A foot can be a huge thing, in someone’s perspective, you have to skip a few days at work and all that… but still, it’s just a foot. She could have injured herself way worse. Foot will heal, though. Let’s Fight Back!

I know that, me saying things like this, must sound ridiculous. “He doesn’t feel any compassion, for normal people’s big problems…” I feel the compassion, yes. But as I crashed to the bottom, this severely, I tend to see everything, from my own-, nice little, perspective nowadays…

And at the moment, things are looking very beautiful, exciting and bright, from up here! Tomorrow I’m going to Helsinki, for a meeting, to plan this spring of my future, and on Friday, we’ll go to Tampere, to give a speech with my manager Man. And oh yes…

Next Sunday, I will go to Munich for ISPO, and my girlfriend will go to go to Copenhagen. She’ll be there for a half an year, for a school exchange. I’ll miss her, of course, but because she wants to do this, I’ll just try to be as good, supportive boyfriend, as possible. Have a nice exchange, and I hope I’ll rock it in ISPO!

P. S. I’ve decided to try, not to think about that, beforehand, not to worry at all… but now I thought about it! I’m going to miss her, and it’s NOT FUN! #hardknocklife…



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