During my Christmas-holiday something really really great happened. We went to my Grannies’ at Savitaipale again, it’s always great in there, too… but I’m talking about something unusually Great! I saw it again.

-Saw what?

I saw the “stoke”. The ambition of doing something, something, which is way importanter to you, than anything else. I have had this with my old profession, my ambition, skiing. I didn’t even remember that, such a thing even existed… until yesterday.

First we drove back from Savitaipale, returned Viivia’s mother her car, hopped on her father’s ride, and drove to her cousins’. At there we did all kinds of normal things, BUT, I met her cousin. He had the stoke, towards football. It wasn’t about anything he said himself. It was the way he played some Fifa game on Nintendo Wii, and what everyone else said of him. How nothing else in the whole WORLD mattered to him, than football. He is a goalie and he has the stoke. May the stoke stay with him.

For the she second time it happened, as we got home, and decided to watch a documentary. It was about The Fastest Man Alive – Usain Bolt. I can’t say anything about the documentary itself, cause the subject of it was just so amazing. You can’t make a bad documentary of him. Impossible… He is Usain, and in Usain I saw the “stoke” again… how nothing else, than being fast mattered to him. It filled me, filled me with respect. But to be honest with you… it also filled me with strong yearning for the stoke, with even a hint of jealousy… Can’t I have that anymore…?

No, I can’t believe I could. I can of course, do things that are fun, do all kinds of things, but I want to find the stoke. I’m pretty stoked about the FightBack, about progressing and, about helping the others to find it. But I want to find something, which will fill my head. Make me to forget anything else. I want it.

For things not to get too serious, let’s watch some photos of, a video, we found from my Grannies’. It’s from back in the days, when I first heard about the “stoke”…



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