The spring is here, already! I might try to give you a boring lecture of, how it’s too early for the spring, and how our winter really sucked, but instead… I won’t even bother! Instead, I’m concentrating on enjoying the sunshine, as long as it lasts…

On my rehab side, I’ve been quite busy with the VASA Concept. It feels really beneficial although,  I’ve been way too tired to notice any evolvement, yet! 2 hours of hardcore sweating every morning + 2h of easier exercises every evening. That’s my life for 3 months now… but I’m sure it’ll pay off!

On the other news… last Friday, I was on a secret mission with a Finnish pop star, named Robin Packalen. We were in Helsinki, and we jogged around so much, that Robin managed to pay off the guilt of neglecting the first FightBack Run last year! The weather was so great, that you could really see our eyes sparkling, just because it was so great to run!

It was… EPIC!

It was… EPIC!



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