This post might be something, you would definitely not assume to be reading, written by a skier. It’s about the World population’s over growth. This is a horrible of a topic. Both because, it’s way bigger than me, and because I don’t know what to do for it. The scariest thing is that, no one seems to know. What’s I do know though, is that, I should stop thinking about this, and I definitely should stop worrying about it… but the outcomes, which seem quite disastrous, just won’t leave me alone. I’m worried.


I’ve been stuck with this thought, ever since I had read a bit of Dan Brown’s new book, Inferno. This book, tells about someone coming up with a horrible solution for the overpopulation crisis… The solution was a viral, which was spread all over the World, and it automatically made 1/3 of its carriers unable to reproduce.  Now this for sure is A way, but for sure… it’s a horrible of a way.

But thank God, it’s not out there. I don’t think anyone has even invented such a horrible virus, at least not yet… let’s all hope that, we don’t ever need to go that far. In my opinion everybody, who just wants children, and is able to breed and especially, to take care of their children is allowed to do so. But nowadays, it’s getting harder. The world’s food, clean water and oxygen resources are constant, but people are wasting and polluting the resources all the time. It might get better, when the technology just evolves, but… the consumption is growing exponentially. Let’s take a look at the World’s population growth:

Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 8.42.26 PM

If you’re interested of the exponential population growth, of our future, you may check out where we’re going right now at:

But it can’t be that hard to stop breeding, or is it? Here, we’re stepping on a thing, which is in my opinion behind all this:  Sex is the most pleasurable thing to we can do, completely for free. This is for sure the reason,  why the less developed countries are bursting with babies. Condoms are both, hard to get, and expensive, for poor people. The other contraceptives, are either impossible to get, or too expensive. But having sex is superb. Until the woman skips a few of her periods, and so on…

Uploading these smart looking charts, makes me feel myself like a genius. The bottom-line here is though, that we're screwed.

Uploading these smart looking charts, makes me feel myself like a genius. The bottom-line here is though, that we’re screwed. The developing countries are taking over, and we are staying here.


The World’s population is currently growing the most in Asia. The prediction of this super smart Fighter is that, the next continent to start bursting with babies, is Africa. They just need a bit help getting on their feet, and start reproducing. The question that has bothered me quite much, is that should we help them getting there? If in the end things are just getting worse? In the end we’ll be unable to even help ourselves. I’m not a fortuneteller, but this is what I’m afraid of.

In the welfare states, like the Scandinavia, USA and many more, the population growth has settled. The population has even started to decrease. The world’s structure is getting more and more imbalanced. Everything’s finer and finer, in the welfare states, and then again, the amount of poor people is just increasing. There is a problem, in people being so developed, that the natural selection doesn’t work anymore. We can fight the natural disasters, part of the already existing illnesses, but is every life really worth living in the less developed countries?

People’s lives are misery, or not even that. The thought is making me sick.

I’m quite sure that, something will end this, it is going to appear in the future. Is it some viral infection, intuitionally spread, like in the Inferno, I don’t know… but we are getting into a place, in which the population just exceeds the earth’s capacity.

If you, just couldn’t care less… I envy you. I don’t wanna ruin anyone’s day, but I want everybody, to open their eyes. My own eyes have been open already for a while, but now I feel that, I could maybe open a few more. I don’t have any solution for this, I’m aware of no one, who does? I just hope that, if we all sink our minds into it, someone may even get something. Most likely not, but at least the few of you, who have read this far… may be on the same line with me?

As I’ve written this, I’ve gotten it off, off of my consciousness. For those of you, who didn’t know this, I’m sorry. But you can live happily, even with this information… I’m doing it on a daily basis! 🙂 When you’re screwed, you can either cry for being so screwed, or you can just laugh about it. I don’t like to cry.



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