I got a message two weeks before Christmas, from a mother, who’s living in northern Finland with her children:

I’d have this desperate question, are the beanies completely out of stock, from everywhere?
My son, Ose, has this rare Collins syndrome, which means that, his outlook is a bit unusual.
He is missing both of his auricles and an ear tube.
So he can’t hear without a hearing aid.
This has never slowed him down though!
Ose plays ice-hockey, and it means the World to him.
He of course gathers plenty of strange looks, because of his outlooks and this interrupts him a bit, every now and then…
He has a high self-esteem though.
He keeps pushing forward, with an amazing support of his friends.

Ose catched your story on this fall, and the biggest hero for him, even above all the hockey stars… are you.

This is where the brand of your’s steps in;
I got the wish list of for the Christmas, only two wishes:
A PS game and a FightBack beanie.
I found the game already, but the beanie was unfound able.
Can’t they really be found, from anywhere?

Merry Christmas, and stay strong!
-The mother

That was a message, which gave me the greatest Christmas gift, the huge pleasure of giving. My financial situation isn’t the best, but I knew that, making this kid’s Christmas wish, wouldn’t be too terrible of an input for me. I sent him the beanie, asked if it was ok to write this, for a photo, and yesterday I got what I asked for:

This smile made my Christmas.

This smile made my Christmas.

P. S. This kid is under my radar now, nobody tease him! If someone wants to tease Ose, he’d better come and find me, I’m a way better victim. And I for sure, am bigger! You’ll get more to tease 🙂



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