I couldn’t help finding out, that I was the most googled Finnish athlete. Couldn’t help, cause first they emailed me from Iltalehti, then I got reminded like ten times on Facebook, and Finally my lil’ bro Veke, took care of sending me this photo… I can’t even help suspecting… that someone else than just me, myself, has been Googleing my name in Finland.

Here's a part of the list of most googled person in Finland... this was sent to me by my lil' bro Veke, last night...

Here’s a part of the list of most googled person in Finland… this was sent to me by my lil’ bro Veke, last night…

Now, what does this mean?

At first, I was just like “no biggie… I couldn’t care less.”, but now it has started to hit me, a bit. I’m really happy that, people have found inspiration of my struggles. And of my survival, and the FightBack, and of all that…

But you all, and especially I myself, must remember that, if I’d stay like this… I’d be nothing. I have gathered the best team to support me, so that all I gotta do now, is just fight. I will learn to run, and I will fight Back. Speaking of which… I’ll go and train that running, now!

BTW… I finished the the FightBook yesterday, again. Now it’s done. It’s just going to need some modification, and I’m really looking forward it to hit the bookstores!




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