Yesterday was a superb day for me. I trained running, and evolved once again, but on top of my love towards evolving, there was something else… I met my new coach! She’s really great, and she lives in Turku, so we can step up the amount of my trainings… and that is, something really GREAT! On top of the very highly anticipated turn of things, I don’t need to put up with listening to Topi, every single time, I wan’t to evolve! Win-win-VICTORY!

I’m going to continue my mentally very challenging task, of dealing with Topi’s crooked humor, as well. I’m really grateful for Fysioline Fressi, which is sponsoring Topi for me. You can find the Fressi gyms from Helsinki, and some other towns in Finland… but none cares of those towns! Because we don’t have any in Turku. Turku is Elixia. I’m sure your intentions were purely positive. Topi just is, what he is… it’s not our fault! At least I, refuse of taking any blame.

P. S. I quess I’m quite sarcastic, even crooked every now and then, myself too… 🙂 Topi is a great guy, an awesome coach, and our cooperation goes on. I just have another shortie in Turku, too!

The trainer's sex has changed (most likely. Topi…?;)), but the height is almost identical…

The trainer’s sex has changed (most likely. Topi…?;)), but the height is almost identical…

This new coach, Päivi, then again, is sponsored by you! She’s one of the first things, to which I’m using the FightBack money, more than proudly. So far it has mainly be used for the rehab, and traveling, but I’m not proud of traveling. I’ve just had to go to important events, but I’m not proud of that. I am proud, when I’ll learn to run! We are going to go to Kupittaa tomorrow, again, and I’m already very excited! We are going to run more, than anytime since last summer. I’m also very interested of, the distance I can run, before the quality suffers too much…?

I must admit that, running isn’t that difficult…  you just have to know, how to do it. But when you’ve lost it… it’s almost a mission impossible. Except that, I don’t think so. It’s possible. I’m going to do it. I’m hoping to achieve it. I’m gonna achieve it. JUST DO IT.

P. P. S. We are going to film tomorrow’s training. And we’re going to film tomorrow’s training session. I’m looking forward for the first new FightBack episode.




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