Yesterday was a bit finer night, again… at least I, had a BLAST! The night’s agenda was valuing Finland’s best athletic maneuvers. Some smaller, but the Gala had it all, all the way to the top.

I’m not even going to try to list each and every trophy for you, but there is one, which should be published. The Best Athlete of the season 2013: Tero Pitkämäki, javelin’s silver medal winner at the World Champs. Congratulations Tero!

But the finest fact, on my own opinion though, was on the Best Athlete competition. It was the fact, that my good buddy Roope Tonteri, was even nominated for his snowboarding WC-Golds. On my opinion, he should’ve won. But he didn’t. He didn’t rank high enough, not at all, in my own opinion. He finished on the bubble. The spot, which is WAY TOO familiar to me… 4th. Now this, was just unbelievable. He won World Championships, in TWO different categories, but… the judges obviously didn’t see such a sport, as snowboarding, worthy for being admitted any glory. Way less, the Athlete of the year.

Just a couple hundreds of thousands of kids, got really stoked about Roope’s achievements. But those youngsters are never heard. They are just some snowboarders, lazy snowboarders. But javelin… javelin is a huge sport in Finland. Very popular. I’m sure that, every single Finnish man, who’s reading this, gets inspired right now. He goes straight away, to grab his good old javelin, just to go out, and throw a little! 🙂

But before you go… I will give you the photos of last night!

Kalle Palander was there with his wife?, anyways… we had good time.

Kalle Palander was there with his wife? anyways… we had good time. #ablast

I found some finer photos of us, they weren't even shot with mobile. I love that Chick. #erittäinhemaisevafriidu

I even found some finer photos of us, they weren’t even shot with mobile. I love that Chick. #erittäinhemaisevafriidu





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