Today is the go time. I should’ve posted you a blog, the SET – about setting everything up for the Expo yesterday, but… I couldn’t. I had to do the “setting everything up”-part…

I’m very happy, and proud to announce you my new media-partner: Samsung. We went for a meeting at the airport with Makke yesterday, and they are going to offer me, well, basically everything… except computer. I’m a Mac-rat, who can’t use Windows, even though my Mac laptop starts to be in an unusable condition…

I’m also suspecting that, I’d growing up mentally. I didn’t even force myself unuto have fun, party and to be drunk, yesterday… It would’ve been fun, for sure, but there’s just a very long of a weekend ahead of me.

And about the weekend, I’m quite sure that, I can’t write a blog for you, cause of no time for that! I’m giving a speech in the Expo today, and tomorrow, so if you’re around you’d better to check them out! And everyone can come to say “cheers!, moro!, hi!” or whatever you want, to me, to the FightBack’s booth.