This has been a great week! After a not so long, but way worse winter in my own opinion… this week I have finally taken myself running outside! I know, I know… I could’ve been out there running the whole winter! But, honestly, I don’t think I would’ve had that much fun. Now, then again, I have been running outside trice! And so far on every session, I’ve had a BLAST!

One thing I didn’t really even think about in wintertime, but am very aware of now… is that, the track in Turun Urheilupuisto, is way longer than the track in Kupittaa. At least double, but maybe even a bit more. For me, this is considering my mental condition (dangerously ambitious…) a very welcome change. I even ran my personal best in years!

At first we warmed me up in the stairs, and when I was warm, we went down to the track. I began with one lap (400m), continued with two (400 x 2…) And finished with 2,5, AKA, 1 kilometer! Which was of course pretty tough for me, but very doable! So doable that, we weren’t really even finished. For warming down I was told to run 400m, so I did just that, twice, and walked the track around once. And we were done. The best running session, once again… -CHECK!

P. S. My girlfriend came home for almost 2 weeks now! So she’s going to be around too, at least every once in a while… 😛



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