I have to be more of a responsible dude now. I’m responsible of what I say, of what I write, do, and well… basically… I need to act responsibly all the time.

This is kind of new to me. Already in the past, I knew that someone must’ve looked up to me, but now, it at least feels like everyone’d be watching me.  I find it just positive, but I may not be completely ready for it, yet… I’m bringing this up, because I shared a snowboarding edit yesterday, and I wasn’t on my A Game…

The rider wasn’t wearing a helmet. For myself, wearing the helmet, is a self-evident thing. Just as self-evident as, the snowboarders’s helmet-less-ness, is for me. I’ve tried to go on about it for my snowboarder friends, already before a helmet saved me, but now I have kind of given up. A mistake…?

Anyways, I noticed all the comments criticizing the edit, of the rider being without a helmet, and I felt really ashamed. I should’ve seen it coming. I have tens of thousands of fans in Facebook, they hadn’t given up on wearing a helmet. And I realized that, I should be ashamed! I sent the rider, who was thanking me of sharing the video, a sponsoring application. It was just the other way around, I wanted to sponsor him, with a Sweet Protection’s FightBack-helmet.

He hasn’t replied to me yet, but he will, if he’ll just check out how dope of a helmet, the Sweet Protection Igniter FightBack, is!

Here you go!:

Sweet Protection saved my life. I don't hope anyone to crash that bad, that it would have to save theirs... but, use helmet. For your own sake.

Sweet Protection saved my life. I don’t hope anyone to crash that bad, that it would have to save theirs… but, wear a helmet. It’s only for your own sake.



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