I feel shamed for myself. Yesterday my phone dropped out of my pocket as I was pedaling to the photo shoot with Michael Monroe. Once I got home and figured out, that I don’t have my phone here either, I panicked. It was no fun. Everything I had in my schedule for the next few days, so tens of things… felt to have been lost all of a sudden. I went to sleep, feeling myself angry, and quite naked.

This morning, then again, I woke up happy. I remembered the phone episode, I had flipped out for my operator for not opening up my SIM card, which was shut down, just because of my own wish… But we couldn’t call the phone. We were powerless. If the founder wanted to return it honestly, we couldn’t call him. Everything felt to be collapsing… Until, I remembered, it’s just a phone. Not a matter of life and death, a PHONE. My operator DNA had read my Tweets of this matter, and they wanted to help. They re-opened up my SIM again, and my mom called my phone… the founder picked up.

He was ready to return the phone, for a reward of 10 €! We gave him 20, and this feels amazing! Not the fact, that I regained the possession of my phone, but the fact that, as soon as I woke up and quit being too negative, everything worked out! That must be the power of positive thoughts. Really, when you just spread positive vibes, good things will happen.

I needed this. I had gotten too serious under all these work tasks… way too serious. Now I will just let the thing, why I’m liked at the first place, my smile and positivity, ROCK!

Yesterday's best part. I'm honored. Michael is a Boss!

Yesterday’s best part. I’m honored. Michael is a Boss!




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