I have received very friendly service here in Haikko, every time I’ve been here. At first, I assumed it was only, because they knew who I am… knew about my publicity… that’s why they’re so nice. That’s why everyone’s so nice, nowadays.

Here they knew who I am, yes. But it didn’t effect their service towards me anyhow, according to a friendly waitress. “We have so high spirit among us and we are so happy people, that we just like to be nice…”

-Because you knew who I am…?

“Nope, I know who you are, but this is how we treat everyone! I guess, we just are so happy ourselves…”

A nice after lunch chat, which got me thinking… and you know what happens, when I’m thinking…? -I just can’t shut up!

The main question is, why can’t EVERYONE be as friendly, and as nice, everywhere?

I know that, people may have bad days, it’s not just peace and love everywhere… there’s wars, there’s this, and then there’s THAT. All of this has been heard before… at the end we’re here. No trust, a minimum amount of friendliness and love, except for people, that already are close to you. Being nice to everyone would just be hard, wouldn’t it…?

I know, that I can’t make THE change… but what I think I could do instead, is A change, in someones life? Be friendly, and nice to everyone, and I can guarantee that, you’ll benefit. But remember, people, in general, are not that nice. So, be smart. I don’t want anyone to lend their wallet for any homeless guy, and blame me, for the consequences…

You can comment here, if you found being nice, and friendly as a good thing…? Right now though, I’m going to show you, how great of a lunch I got!

The pre lunch – salad (tomatoes, cucumbers…) and lamb.

The pre lunch – salad (tomatoes, cucumbers…) and lamb.

The actual lunch, game meat, baked potato and broccoli in cheese.

The actual lunch, game meat, baked potato and broccoli in cheese. I know, this looks simple… BUT it was GOOD. I mean, very good. Very very…



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