Today I wasn’t swimming in the pool, and perhaps thus, even my nose didn’t bleed… at all!

We did a boring balance test in physio, in which, my results were wawasn’t. It was because, last spring I straightened my right knee so far, that it got kinda locked. This meant that, it could’t shake cause of any ataxy, at all. Now I forced it to remain a bit bent, which obviously ment shaking, which again meant way worse test results. My therapist wondered why, but I didn’t. Keeping the leg hyperextended, hurts the kneecap. She was relieved, as I told this to her… but I remained disappointed.

Now, to the best thing of the week! My mom brought these card to me! Multiprint Turku has sponsored them to me, and I’m really grateful, and stoked of them:

Pekka Hyysalo – Fighter

Pekka Hyysalo – Fighter

On my previous business cards, I was somewhat almost claiming:

I'm a CEO, bitch...!

I’m a CEO, bitch…!

It was stupid. But I wanted to somehow be very “official”, because apparently, I needed to prove something… If not to anyone else, then I was proving it to myself… I think I am still a CEO, but now I see that I’m also the Fighter… The extremely non-violent Fighter!

I’m proud of that!



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