My day consisted of eating food, drinking coffee, and receiving fresh new beanies! I took them to Element, but they are not on sale, yet. You can buy those from Blanko, on 21.11.13, and the leftovers from Element, from 22.11 on… There will be some leftovers, even though there are not a lot of beanies, in the first place… They are limited, because I had no idea, of the great popularity of them. More beanies are coming, and they’ll be on sale 1.12.13.

P. S. We produced a new color of the beanie. It’s called “Off White”, and I think it’s baller. P. P. S.  I love it.

And oh yeah, I’d have a question for you… What do you think the website, which’d unite, and, should be called? My favorite right now is, but no decisions are made yet. Comments?



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