I must admit that, I’m not any kind of a nutritionist. I’ve always eaten food, yes. But now I’ve actually began to acknowledge its huge impact on the constitution of my body. I’ve always known that if you eat bad, you’ll get fat. I’ve always known that had I eaten well, I’d had a better body… The problem has been that, I’ve never done anything about it. Now I am doing it.

Still I don’t eat well enough. Allowing my quite active lifestyle, I should eat more often. I eat about six times a day: morning snack (1st breakfast), (2nd) breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner and an evening snack. More often than average people, but there’s a problem. The problem is, that I’m not average. I practice a lot, I need to eat A LOT too… When I’m hungry, I eat huge portions, and it is not healthy. I should eat less, more often. But I just can’t find the discipline in myself, for eating like 7-8 times, every day. It’s a lot. I haven’t found the motivation for it, yet.

I just try to focus on WHAT I eat and WHEN I do it.That’s not too hard. I’m taking care that my nutrition consists of everything needed (protein, carbohydrates, ENOUGH WATER and a little fat and so on…) Drinking enough water is really important. I can’t emphasize that enough.

Then about when I eat… Today I woke up at 06.30, ate a quark -> went to gym -> came home and ate the real breakfast at 09.30 (the porridge! I’ll tell you how to make a super tasty porridge as soon as I’ll have time…) -> 12.10 lunch (chicken and corn) -> some snack 16.? -> dinner at 18.? -> evening snack at 22.?…

I’m going to go to my old home, in the woods. Do a lot of swimming, some hydro running and jump on the tramp, so you won’t hear of me until next Monday. It’s the Ruisrock weekend, yes, but I won’t go there this summer, either… Even though, the artists seem to be great! I’m waiting until I’ll get the pass for free…

My 2nd breakfast. Porridge, blueberries and apple jam :P

My 2nd breakfast. Porridge, blueberries and apple jam 😛

My lunch: corn, chicken (protein) and cottage cheese (protein).

My lunch: corn, chicken (protein) and cottage cheese (protein).



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