Welcome to the TeamFightBack.com!

My old website faced its trafficking limits, once again. Most likely, I should’ve just bought some superb package for it and pay myself sick, but then again… I knew these would step in, in a moment. And we were told that, the sites would stay up until we would publish these ones. -They did not.

So we are publishing these now. This is not what I was planning for. Everything should’ve been top notch… but now, it’s not. What I know as well, is that, we will make it top notch. The shop, my blog, FightBack-things and pretty much, well… everything.

All will be here, on the same site. You can follow my story here. We will work on the web-shop, and the best thing of all is that, now I’m not alone. I have the Team behind my back, and I can take care of the fight of my own… I trust these people, so I can concentrate on other important things. Hint; the book, and learning to run…

Have the best New Years’ Eve everyone and we will rock your world again next year 🙂

– Pekka



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