I’ve had purely awesome weekend, again, surprisingly… this might have been said, with just a little hint of sarcasm. Why? Because most of the weekends of mine nowadays, are anyways awesome. True story…

What was so special in this weekend? Yes, there is something very special, in most of them, too…  I met my marathon coach, Topi Lösönen yesterday! He knows pretty much everything about the human body, and about running. He’s in this with me, until the finish-line…

Topi came to view my starting level yesterday.

Topi came to Elixia, to view my starting level, yesterday.

Yesterday we  had our first training session in gym. It was like a checkout. Topi was taking a look, how many muscles in my functioning, in my torso… And were they functioning, even nearly correctly. Even though I’ve been partially paralyzed, and I thought I had done everything just sketchy, Topi said he saw a lot of potential in me. And that, I wasn’t half that terrible.That was my level, in the beginning.

We're going to use a stick, frequently. "To set me straight..."

We’re going to use a stick, frequently. “To set me straight…” I wasn’t straight up left.

Beginning – after an hour. You may see that, I'm crooked... – I'm not AS crooked.

Beginning – after an hour. You may see that, I’m crooked… – I’m not AS crooked.


That being said… he observed me working out a little. A LITTLE, really. I’m going to  shed tons of sweat, in the future… This was just observing.Today he observed my running, how poorly is it going now… And again, even though I was assuming the worst, he was just like “We are going to make you to finish. I’ve seen worse… and I’ve made them to run.” He even said, that he’d run that Marathon WITH me. He gave me an advice already, as I ran today, which made me to run better. And this was just our 2nd session!

This weekend was awesome.



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