My home ski center for life, Hirvensalo, is open. It’s my Hood, for life. So many memories from there… I missed the first week or so, cause I was doing something obligatory. Exhibitions, farewells, and stuff… but now, it’s on! I’ve skied two days so far, and it’s just as fun, as it was before! Except that… I may enjoy more of it.


Well, we must go back, all the way, to that certain crash again… It ended my career, as a professional skier. You all know that, but what you don’t know, most likely, cause I just didn’t know it before, even myself… is that, now I can accept the fact, of not being a good skier anymore.

You all must think that, of course I should’ve been able to realize that, a long ago. I should be happy, to be alive in the first place. I am, I was… but do you honestly think I could’ve been happy, with a lollipop in my hand, while knowing, that there’s thousands of candy stores FULL of candy out there?! Chocolate, gummy bears, and toffee… I don’t know about you, but I’m very fond of chocolate.

So what was wrong, with JUST skiing? Nothing wrong. I liked it, too. But it was hard for me, missing all the best out there, every single ski day. I knew what there is, but I couldn’t touch it. It wasn’t fun. That WAS skiing, for me.

Now I’ve given up. I know, that I might’ve been able to learn everything again, jumps, rails, and all that. But, in the case I’d crash, I’d be out of second chances… I’m using one, right now. And I’m quite sure that this is it for me… I still have so many things to do! I’ve found some other things, ones which aren’t even deadly, if I’d fail.  I’m talking about my trying to get as fit, as possible and my goal of finishing a Marathon! May sound boring, but at least I have a direction, to aim for! I can’t live without those. That’d be, the MOST BORING THING!

This mornings workout then again…

Was upper back and shoulders. It wasn’t fun, but I liked it! From this, we could assume that, my hood nowadays, is at the gym. I really want to cross that finnish line.



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