I have a weird relationship with working out. This whole thing came up to my mind, cause I had a chat about working out with my chiropractor Katie (http://www.katiechimes.com) If you watch that page, you’ll see that, she works out A LOT. I would like to have as athletic body as Katie, but I’ve accepted the fact that I won’t get there. And she has a woman’s body, anyways…

I want to get myself a hot body. I’ve always preferred a muscular shaft instead of, well, just shaft… But now, I’ve even began to do something about it.

Back in the professional skier-days I was really fit. Then I injured. My body faded away and I became just skin and bone. Then I got to eat normal food again (and CANDY, biscuits and all that…), which lead to eating a lot. I don’t think I really became that fat, but I weighed as much as now. My muscles shrank down and they were replaced with fat. Had I continued to feast like that, I would’ve gained probably somewhat about 1000kg’s now…

Some years have passed by and now, I’m ready to get fit again! I’ve been ready my whole life, but now I’m ready for the actual working out, as well… I’s a lot of work, and I’m Ready To Do It! A thing to which I haven’t been ready before, but am now, is to eat healthy as well.
I will give you a post, in which I’ll tell you about my workouts, but it’s not this one. Here I’ll tell you what my week consists of:

Monday: -upper body, chest, triceps, shoulders + endurance on the evening

Tuesday: -biceps, upper back, mid body (abs, back), stretching!

Wednesday: -Feet (different kinds of squats), calfs, glutes, bum-muschles

Thursday: -Monday, and stretching

Friday: -Endurance and Tuesday

Saturday: -swimming + trampoline / day off…

Sunday: -swimming + trampoline / day off…

Just a random picture, in which I'm wearing the next Fall's grey FightBack-beanie!

Just a random picture, in which I’m wearing the next Fall’s grey FightBack-beanie!

BTW, I love that grey one, but I seriously think that everyone who’s located close to Turku and wants to support my fight back, should go to Element and get the red original one! It’s the first FightBack product that has appeared, and I love to see them around.



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