Just like the most of us, I don’t like to carry too many things on my shoulders. I haven’t had to either… it has been just me, and my FightBack. Until the 07.11.13. The Sarasvuo-show made me somewhat public person… and being even this public of a person, makes you start to consider things differently. It gives you responsibility. People follow my projects, and the best in that is, that the feedback I’ve gotten has been purely positive. I want to keep it that way! Of course… it also means, that I’m under a huge pressure.

Some people, way more public than yours truly, don’t care of what the media says. I wish that I could be like that too, except that, really, I don’t.

I have been talking about this “hype”, with certain people wiser than me… who I trust, and the fact is, that the hype is going to settle. It makes me just happy. When the hype has settled, I’m going to go back to just going all in, in the fight-back of my own, training and finishing the FightBook. Lay low, until the next blast… And when that next blast comes, may it be because of the great things I’ve done, not because the STUPID things I haven’t done, yet. Let they remain undone…



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