After the injury, which ended my dream, I have been looking for a new profession. For a short while I thought, that there was nothing I could do, which’d simultaneously make me happy, and could feed me. I just concentrated in rehabbing myself, thank you for feeding me Mom. 

On Fall 2011 I tried if I could ever study again. For my great pleasure, I noticed it to be possible. Quite laborious… but possible. Then I decided to apply studying international business on the spring 2012, to TUAMK. I  applied, but I had gotten this idea, with this German Flo, earlier that spring; “we should start a brand for you…”

It was a great idea in my opinion, and once my manager/good friend Makke got excited about it, I put my everything into it.

Many things have evolved since then. I wrote a book of my struggles (not published yet!), I have been giving a lot of presentations of my fight back, and a million other things. I became the face of FightBack – the brand, and was involved in its decisions otherwise, too… it has been quite rough for me, recently. Because of that, I will try to distance myself a bit from the decisions. I know that, my team, which takes care of them, will do the best possible decisions for me. And even if I’ll distance myself “a bit”, it’s still my life. I am the founder, the brand will always be me, and hopefully we can help some other BackFighters, in the future too.

I trust my the Team of mine, and because of that I get to concentrate in doing what I do the best, and what I enjoy doing the most, those speeches/presentations. I’ve been giving them in Finnish already for a while now, but I just gave my first at TEDx, alone in English. I think my English is quite descent, or actually, I think I can pronounce it at least as horribly as my Finnish. I mean… my speech was affected by the TBI of mine. I believe that I could share tons of positivity, peer support, and everything I’ve shared in Finland, abroad as well. 

Here I must link the TEDx speech of mine again. I know now, how to improve this. I hope I’ll just get a chance.



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