This morning began notso surprisingly… by dragging myself to the gym. I was going to have the first workout session with my new Personal Trainer, which turned out to be awesome of a session! I can workout just by myself too, yes… but having someone, who knows how to make you better, pushing you just a little bit further, is pretty damn useful! Even for a former athlete like me…

This is the kind of stuff Elixia gives me. And I’m super stoked about that!

What I’m also super stoked about, is the fact, that we’re going to get the FightBack web-shop out there soon!

Lately I have been focusing quite a bit more on the FightBack things, and left everything else (read; writing…) to the background… It definitely sucks, cause I know that people are waiting for the book already, although, I haven’t even lived the story completely, yet. 😀

Then again… I do, also have the personal fight Back of my own. That goes ahead everything else. Here you’ll see how I fought in Elixia today!