My rehabilitation period in Synapsia, Helsinki, ended last Tuesday. Synapsia is the only rehab center I’ve been in, but from what I’ve experienced and heard, it is the best. Nowadays it’s called Validia rehab, just the name of the building remains Synapsia.

Even though I even appeared on the Validia add... the building is called Synapsia. Everything is still Synapsia, for me...

Even though I even appeared on the Validia add… the building is called Synapsia. But for me, everything is still Synapsia…

-What did we accomplish on my period?

This is maybe the best, but also the worst thing in my period… our achievements remained only physical. I had speech-, physical-, neuropsychological- and occupational therapies. And of these FOUR therapies, I felt beneficial only by haf… One could just be stoked, if his condition had stabilized, was one really happy, of where he was now. I am not. Or maybe I am.

The physical therapy, in which I evolved, is something which has been super important for me from the beginning. If I’m physically OK, nothing can stop me. But I’m not. Not in a long time, if ever. Then we must ponder that, if I’m not happy now, how can I accept this one being my “last” period?

I’m happy, but I’m not satisfied. Neither am I really stopping going in there, this was just my last period. And even that remains unsure. If I’ll accomplish my goals, there will be a FightBack – period in Synapsia. One to which everyone in need can apply, but we’re not there yet. Not there for a long time…

These were some feelings, on top of my mind, after the rehab. I have reached the next step.



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