I’ve been considered a “miracle-man” quite often. It was a miracle, that I survived in the first place. Then my rehab has continued on the miraculous path… The doctors still have troubles believing their ears, as I tell them of my skiing. All I can say is that I just really wanted to ski so much that, I made it happen.

Another accomplishment, which is hardly a miracle, is that I ran somewhat 50 meters last Saturday. It may be not a miracle in anyone else’s opinion, but it feels awesome to me. It was unbelievably rough, physically. My endurance sucks these days… However, I will run that Marathon someday. We have a deal with a good friend of mine, and I’m not planning to fail in completing it. The running now, was an unbelievable amount of work. I guess I had to use almost every single muscle in my body, and still, the result was sucking. But I’m going to make it better. I’m planning a schedule for this week, and in my schedule there just happens to be “Running and filming it for you”, on this Friday. So in the close future you might see, how horrible my running really is.

That running thing, as skiing, is just a result of hard work. The work gets its power from my motivation. I’ve been so super lucky, that I haven’t had to even search for that motivation. It just happens to exist. I don’t know where it comes from, but motivation can make anything happen. If you want to do miracles, you just need the motivation.

One of the last skiing days in 2011. I should've learned to walk assumably about a half a year later...

One of the last skiing days in 2011. I should’ve learned to walk assumably about a half a year later…

All I want to say, is that we can all make miracles happen, you just need the motivation.



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