Then, I went, and had just amazing few days. Okay, that’s quite the usual… I must admit it. It isn’t that rare, but THIS, this was something everyday can’t provide for me… I almost went on media blackout, no phones, computer, internet,  blogging or anything. I had my phone, and its internet. So a fogout.

We (me, my mother and bro’s…) came back yesterday, from our first ever beach holiday. Or, I don’t think you can really call it as a beach holiday. But it was  warm in there! Even hot, on the Finnish-scale (especially if you live in Lapland…)!

This happened to be my Mother’s 53rd Birthday-holiday, so we did our best to keep her happy. At least I did… and, I think I can say on behalf of the whole crew that, WE NAILED IT! And not only did my Mother get to spend her 53rd BDay in those lovely surroundings, I got a break from all this hassle. Even though, I did receive a couple (tens…) of contacts considering the FightBack webshop, its falling down, and some postal mess’s… to which, I couldn’t have personally done anything, anyways. Except, to be very sorry. And to try to get things working solidly again! Actually, thanks for the reminders! Sorry!

But this is what I did on the mini-holiday:



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