I promised you a proper story of our time overseas, so here we go:

I quoted the word “holidays,” mainly because at least for an average citizen, the time we just spent in Miami… wouldn’t be a “holiday”. For myself though, since I may be a weirdo… it was something even better! It was 70% holiday, with  a 30% hint of the FightBack- “work” (media stuff, etc… (I loved it!))

Our wonderful hotel!

Our wonderful hotel!

I’m going to start with the best thing… the accommodation.  No,  we didn’t stay at four star hotel, nor in any luxurious apartment. We staid at a small-, affordable cosy little hotel, quite far from luxury… called Villa Europa. It was located on Hollywood beach, pretty close to Miami down town, and really close to ocean. The hotel was right next to Hollywood beach, so multiple were the occasions, on which we tried to get our tan on! We could also run a lot, both barefoot on the sand, and regularly on the beach boulevard (5,..?) Even though the awesome surroundings, location wasn’t the best thing about the accommodation. It was Luis, the other half of the owners. And the restaurant called “Le Tub”:

The hotel staff was awesome, but we fell in love especially with Luis, and his daughter Sarah. Luis gave us rides all around the Miami area, or arranged someone trusted to lift us. He also had very good media connections (he used to work for Latino American HBO), which turned into an interview for me on Latino American CNN.  Here’s the interview session, on English, as it happened:

Pekka Hyysalo.mp4

They dubbed a Spanish voice for me, to the version which aired, which was quite amusing in my opinion. As if I had learned a foreign language during this trip, too. It was strictly business for me! With a hint of going back to school… (really, I learned at LEAST five Spanish words!) I’m going to hunt the dubbed version for you too, just for laughs! And for you who get it.

But the most of our trip was jogging, playing bounce ball near to the hotel and swimming. A week ago, we went for a cruise to Bahamas on Norwegian Sky (real 3-day holiday)! Earlier on our holiday, we went fishing (I didn’t catch a tarpon, so I’ve got nothing more to say about that trip…) I’m glad we went there, because Pelle, the Captain of the cruise, was the BOSS.

I was playing the Captain of our cruise.

I was playing the Captain of our cruise.


The real Captain, Pelle, was a GREAT guy, even though he's resembling a Charlie's angel here.

The real Captain, Pelle, was a GREAT guy, even though he’s resembling a Charlie’s angel here.

I must say that originally we went to Miami, just because the flights and accommodation in Aspen for the X-Games, would’ve costed too much for our budget… but this was very nice, too.  This was something new for me. Now I’m going to go back to, being my ordinary self and there’s gym for me to hit tomorrow. And ISPO, next week.






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