My face on the screen.

My face on the screen. The first episode got awesome reception! Even though I look like a moron^ in it…

The third FightBack- episode is coming, believe me. We’ve been planning to drop it for months now, but the artist behind the camera has understandably had something else, like real work to do… But now, he’s almost done with it.

We had a talk about, if there was any sense in doing these, since we can’t hold on the schedule and people lost their interest quite quickly… I think that, we should just do a short film, instead of episode 4. I got the green light, so that’s what I hope we’re going to do. The guy I’m working with still has the REAL work, which even pays him some salary, to do. Why to bother trying to make some short film then?

First of all, I feel like I’ve come so far in a year. I want to show it for everyone, what you can do with will power. Also that, you can have a TON of fun while, JUST DOING IT! The short film would tell my story from the last year, or so. Just a tight little package, but which I’m going to be proud of, hopefully.

I don’t know when is the documentary, which of I’ve gotten my fair share of questions about, going to pop out. All I know is that, I have strong faith bot to Miikka Niemi, and to the Flat Light Films. I think you should have it, too. Just look at what they’ve done so far…

Aurora Borealis in Finnish Lapland 2011 from Flatlight Films on Vimeo.

Now I’m going to take a nap, since I was an active person in the morning again!



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