I’m having an interview today, or WE (me, my girlfriend and my mom…) are having an interview today. It’s for Me Naiset, the biggest feminine magazine in Finland. They contacted me before the great TV show of Sarasvuo’s, right after the Ski Expo. After which, I’ve been contacted multiple times, from various newspapers, tabloids and all of those… how did I decide to take this one?

It’s mainly, because I think the feminine side inside of me,  is taking over…

– Yeah right, that was just a bit sarcastically said…

Really, it’s because I’ve noticed that, my story really touches mothers, and basically, the women in general. I’ve never done anything like this, and I’m quite interested, what’ll come out of this? Will I transform into a little girl? 😉

This is the most feminine photo I found... I can admit, I'm posing, AND playing a MERMAID! – Good times, Madeira 2013 :)

This is the most feminine photo I found… I can admit, I’m posing, AND playing a MERMAID! -the laughter. Anyways… I’m seriously failing in it. – Good times, Madeira 2013 🙂

We’ll see, I’ll tell you tonight!



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