Today was a quite normal Monday. A normal Monday these days means, that I went to gym, did some therapy stuff (speech) and some work, afterwards… or I don’t know, if it’s supposed to be called work, since I love it! But “work” today, included a few calls, and some authoring. I felt like, I could write easily again, for the first time since May! I loved it. It’s very important, to concentrate, to be able to maintain your skills.

Now, since that got out there… I can just talk about the topic of the post, the maintenance of your muscle. I had a feet day-today, as you can see, so I did all the squats, etc. Today’s workout was really fine! I loved it. Especially the few rounds of abs, after my workout for the feet, were really nice. I mean, they put fire into my tummy…

Tomorrow I’m gonna take it easy, and on Wednesday I’m going to CrossFit and maybe cycling, as well. BTW, I just love my recumbent.

P. S. A funny story from yesterday. We were cycling, on the border of Turku and Raisio. Suddenly, there were a group of teenagers, I mean the worst kind of teenagers, in the middle of the cycling-path. They had some plastic bags in the middle of our way. They moved, but left the bags there. I had quite a lot of speed, and my recumbent, is a bit wider than a normal bike. Thus, I ran straight into a plastic bag, which let a loud crack, and started to spray some liquid. Then we just heard; “FU*K, F**KING IDIOT!” We didn’t even stop, nor did I apologize…

P. S.S. I truly hope it was a beer, or a cider… they were definitely underage.

kuva 1

kuva 3

kuva 4
I was working, in order to get shape to my butt…



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