Last Saturday, I had the biggest speech/ presentation I’ve had, this far… It was for this coffee brand Zinzino, and it went absolutely brilliant. I have never been in a show in Finland, which would’ve felt so American… in the good way. The audience was full of energy, they applauded as if I would’ve really done miracles and the atmosphere was superb. People were so enthusiastic, not like Finnish people usually are. Almost the exact opposite… but really refreshing!

Zinzino-performance. The hall was full. It was great!

Zinzino-performance. The hall was full. It was great!

From there on, I hopped on a train to Tampere, switched to a car-train, found a familiar face, and went to Luosto for another speech. The familiar face belonged to my (manager-)man Makke. We went there to give a speech, but we did so much more, than that… The speech itself went pretty well, as well. We held it for the British Nokia crew, and they loved it. We didn’t love it ourselves, so much, but it was good. That was the first english version, that I’ve kept together with Makke, and after all… we nailed it.

The presentation was not the ONLY thing, which got nailed up there. Luosto had even some snow up there, so we went skiing, of course, but what might have been unforeseen, was that we went Nordic-skiing, as well. That’s the activity, in which yours truly nailed his face to the ground. At least that part of it, was very unforeseen… if I’d seen it coming, I’d taken it with my palms, not with my cheek. It was a bang. After the bang though, we went to get shorter poles for me, and from that on, I didn’t hurt myself. I crashed multiply, of course, but no more blood… 🙂

The skiing didn’t end there! We went Nordic skiing first, Sunday and Tuesday, but we went to do some real skiing (downhill… 😉 every day there! From the real skiing I can’t say more,  than that, I just loved Luosto’s slopes. They were quite empty and the profile was really nice. I guess those three days, were the best ski days this season! But… the season isn’t over yet!



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