Yesterday was a very juicy day. It began with massaging my voice, and that’s what I’m going to give you a few lines more now…

The Voice Massage:
2013-08-15 09.47.38
It was really relaxing. It is supposed to relax the muscles you use to produce speech, thus my speech therapist sent me there. The massage-therapist I went to, is apparently the best in Turku. I have another time scheduled in about 2 weeks, so I’ll tell you if I think it makes any difference then.

IS Afterdark:

The hosts were awesome!

The hosts were awesome!

-was really exciting. It’s certainly awesome, that such a big Finnish media, as Iltasanomat, is putting a program like this up. And I am really stoked, that I got to be a part of it. It will become a web-tv and it will cover such sports as; skiing, snowboarding, skate, bmx, parachute, so all the “extreme” sports. I know that this has been tried already, but I’ve got a feeling from this. It’s gonna rock.
Especially we (the guests of the first ever after dark episode...) were filled up with awesomeness!

Especially we (the guests of the first ever after dark episode…) were filled up with awesomeness!

Today / this Weekend:

I’m going to go cycling with the recumbent, and my GF. We’ll cycle the somewhat 15km to my old home and come back tomorrow. Tomorrow we’re going to go to a farewell party of two of my really good friends, who both are moving away. It’s their own loss… but they should be given a proper farewell anyways. On Sunday I’ll go speaking to Vierumäki with my manager-man Makke. I’m going to catch a train to HKI, hop to Makke’s car, drive there and back, and hop on a train again. Giving speeches in the right atmosphere, is both exciting and fun. On Monday you’ll find out if this one was as awesome, as I’m looking forward to!



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