I hate the word “busy”. Usually it means, that the one using it, would have something more important to do. I don’t want to be too busy to do anything. Instead… I’ll just try to be everywhere. Two weeks ago, before I went to Ruka, I got the honor of dropping the puck at WC 95 ice hockey match. The one, where the Finnish 95 world champions, kicked the Swedes ass’, kind of like back then…

My man Saku Koivu gave me his support, on my way to drop the puck.

My man, the Finnish Captain Saku Koivu supported me, on my way to drop the puck.

I have pretty much been flying, from one place to another. I have had many things to do, which has been awesome! Speaking of awesome… it was pretty awesome, how Finland won the 95 re-match, hands down.

The beautiful referee gave me the puck to drop.

The beautiful referee gave me the puck to drop.

A little preview to my future: I will continue being everywhere, until the 4th of December. Then I’ll be on the Ted X stage in Logomo. In the middle of everything else, I’m looking forward for that. That’ll be the presentation, to remember me from. I’m sorry if I can’t fulfill my blogging duties, but I hope you’ll understand! In Ted X, I’ll be able to make it up to you.



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