I was in Munchen, in my favorite trade show ISPO, from Thursday to Saturday last week. It was the 3rd ISPO I’ve been at, on a row… and already now, things are looking very potential for the FightBack. Or it was very potential three years ago… now it’s on, internationally. Gymstick had divided its stand in two, one for Gymstick, one for FightBack. I’m so stoked to work with such a great partner! Not only stoked, I’m very anxious for the future, and excited! It will get bigger, and better.

My schedule this year was a lot easier, than on the past two years. This year, I just hanged out on our partners’ booths, planned a little, and even signed a contract, now we are ready to rock!

Signing the Uvex contract, we'll make you something REALLY nice!

Signing the Uvex contract, we’ll make you something REALLY nice!


What I did do, too, was meeting a really, REALLY nice dudes, the Florian Lehmann (gave me the idea, which led to FightBack…), and Matthias Grötter. Matthias is a German artist, who was Flo’s best man. He is a pretty damn creative guy, and a few years ago… he designed the FightBack logo. I’m so super  grateful for them both. They gave us the tools, which we are sharpening now with Makke. 

Considering tools… we also visited the Super Feet’ booth, where I met a leading expert of shoe insoles. He told me that, I’d need wider insole for my running shoe. It could help me to improve my balance, while running, so basically make running easier for me. That may be the best meeting of the 2015 ISPO for me, we’ll see which one will remain the best for FightBack.




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