I should’ve said this last Wednesday, but I had to think things trough… it took me a while. Last Tuesday, I participated to Suomen Urheilugaala, and talked a little about not giving my buddy Roope Tonteri, enough respect…

I don’t think that Roope himself, cared that much. Actually, I didn’t care that much either, but it made me to think about the whole Finnish sports culture. Snowboarding, freeskiing and skateboarding are super fun sports, not only to watch, but they they are fun to practice yourself, too…  Now this, the fact, that some sport is really fun, seems to be a problem for the Finnish sports experts…?

– It can’t possibly be a really extremely tough sport, if the athletes are just having FUN?!

Of course it can, in my opinion! It just is, a very positive feature in any sport. To be able to have even tons of fun, while practicing it… why would anyone be interested to do any sport, otherwise? Isn’t having as much fun, as possible, the best thing in life?

I kind of understand, that it is somehow weird, even crooked, to respect a “sport”, which is based on having a very good time. It may seem, like playing a game, for some people, who are very serious. “You have to do the work, in order to keep evolving…”

Maybe… but is it really somehow WORSE, if you love the work you’re doing?

I’m really sure that, none of the Finnish snowboarders, nor of the skiers, really care of the “traditional trophies” that much, but as a kind of an outsider, nowadays, I do care. I put my heart into this sport, and I can’t tolerate the best sports in the world, in my own opinion, to be treated, like I would’ve not almost died, for a worthy reason…

-I have gone back to Ylläs, in my mind maybe thousands of times, and I wouldn’t do anything differently.

This is one of my favorite photos, from back in the days... But it I didn't do anything, since the skicat, gave me the speed...

This is one of my favorite photos, from back in the days. This is art, lifestyle, and so much more… but does it make me not an athlete!? At least, the photographer, Petri Kovalainen, made me look good, for once…

At least, nowadays, I’ve picked a sport, in which the effort I give, isn’t missed. I’m going to the gym, from get myself ready for the first waypoint, next summer. I’m sorry, but I can’t anyhow promise, not to smile, even while lifting really heavy weights… it’s a feet day, today.



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