Sometimes, or actually quite often, I’ve been told that, people get inspired by my Fight Back – spirit. I’m of course really glad to hear it, and I get a lot of power also myself from it. This is the reason, why I’m enjoying giving speeches of my Fight Back. I’ve been giving a quite many of them already… but my favorite was the one last week.

I was speaking, or I guess you could call it even chatting with upper secondary school students, in Mikaelin koulu, special school. The students were from 13 to 15 year olds, and a fair share of them had ADD. In the morning, before I went there, I was pondering; “where am I putting myself into…” But I didn’t really worry that much, I’m pretty great with people. And those students, quite surely counted as people…

In the morning I had running practice, then I went to Mikaelin koulu almost straight from there, this is what was waiting for me on the front door:

Welcome Pekka Hyysalo.

Welcome Pekka Hyysalo.

I chatted with them, and what was really great in this was, that I didn’t have any strict “presentation”. I just told what had happened to me, and the audience participated pretty actively. But what the audience did as well, they behaved superbly, no chatting with each other, nor disturbing my appearance ANYHOW!

I was very pleased, that’s just the kind of speeches I want to give, too… When I left there, I went to get my recumbent from the maintenance, and I cycled to my mom’s:

You can see the slopes, from the Hirvensalo bridge. Today was the Season's last Turku ski day for me!

You can see the slopes, from the Hirvensalo bridge. Today was the Season’s last Turku ski day for me!




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