I have just recently become kind of a public person in Finland, and I’m quite pleased with this. I’m this pleased, because almost all of the publicity, has been pretty much purely positive… except the ONE negative, of which I managed to keep my mouth shut, back then. Mainly because, it wasn’t criticizing me directly. But now I realized that, it was even worse, it was criticizing the people, who brought me into the public.

It took a little while for me to go through this in my head… except, it wasn’t little, to be honest… now I can get down to business! The headline of this post, was going to be ‘The People, who Got my Back’, and that is still what I want to talk about. What made me to switch the headline, though… was me realizing, that there’s an exponentially growing mass of people, I’m grateful for. And I’d need to remember all of their names… I can’t. Instead, I’m going to say something, not just bore you, with a loooong list of names. Why am I so public, and why do I want to stay so public in the first place, myself?

One name, I’m going to give you, is Skye Darden. I met Skye last weekend, as we were judging the Finnish Open, a freeski-competition. Where my roots, and my heart are at… He remembered the time, when I was still okay. How I was super bummed after, basically any comp, which I didn’t win. So 9/10. He didn’t like me back then.

When he had heard, what happened to me. We had a talk, and I was quite devastated, “I’m never gonna ski professionally again…”

Skye was sad for me, of course, but… immediately he saw this also, as an opportunity… for me, to rise up, become public, and finally, to inspire everyone. I don’t know, if he had actually started to like me all of a sudden, but he pushed me out of the door anyways… he wrote this:


Here I am, out of the door, all by myself… but, I’m still surrounded by the inner circle, and by some GREAT people! People, who help me to make a difference. They are nowadays known as, the Team FightBack. I’m really grateful for all of you, even for you, Jere… 😉

Finally, when some of the pieces started to be in place, Jari Saravuo called me. I went to his TV-show, and now Finland knows of the FightBack. Pretty much the whole Finland seems to really like it. But even though, I love living in Finland, and I love Finland as a country, I feel the urge to bring this international. Mainly just because, I really see the need for FightBack, to be World Wide. There is a huge number of different kinds of problems, but I assume that, I can’t make that huge number of miracles… I’m just concentrating on this miracle, of me, being alive. I want to be alive, and get so well, that I’m gonna be able to inspire and push everyone forward!

Right now, I’m in Porvoo, Haikon Kartano, getting some Cryo-treatment.

Today's temperature was -119… I'm feeling GREAT! I just spent a fabulous 7 minutes in there... :)

Today’s temperature was -119… I’m feeling GREAT! I just spent a fabulous 7 minutes in there… 🙂



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