I’m posting here again, even though I should maybe try to relax. Now I’m back home, and I’d finally have a break, but… I can’t. Or, of course I COULD, but now we’re talking about more of a mental thing… I’m so stoked that, I just need to yell out loud!

As you can see from the headline, I won the Vuoden Turkulainen 2014 (the inhabitant of Turku, of the year 2014…) title. This makes me very happy, of course. Even though… this wasn’t what I was going for. I didn’t even know, there was such a thing. Well, now I do, and I’m super stoked to have scored such a tittle!

The voting for the tittle, was open in the internet, and I’m quite sure that, majority of the people who voted me, didn’t live in Turku. I’m also quite sure that, a fair share of them don’t even like Turku, were I  the Vuoden Turkulainen, or not… BUT, I have said this at least a thousand times: haters hate. But none of the people visiting this site, should be haters…?

At least I, myself have nothing more to say than that, I…



BTW: If you understand Finnish: http://www.turkulainen.fi/artikkeli/277467-vuoden-turkulainen-pekka-hyysalo-hurmaa-myonteisyydellaan



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