I’m still feeling a bit down after the flu. I know that, running the FightBack Run as fast as possible, on flu… might not have been the smartest thing for me to do. I wasn’t healthy, for God’s sakes! But I finished it. So after it, on last weeks Saturday, all was good with the World again. Except that…

My flu kept on getting worse. My fever rose a bit right after I finished the Run, but as it settled down in a few hours or so, I thought I’ was all good. I was told to take a few days off, so I did. I rested three days, after which I went to the gym. I was still a bit on flu, but it wasn’t nearly that bad.

Until on Thursday morning I went for a jog. It wasn’t as bad as on Saturday, I mean, but I didn’t run nearly as vigorously. I just jogged, and ended up feeling weak? Finally that, made me to realize that “I’ve need to rest, really…”

Since then, my life has been hard. This may sound like a paradise for some of you, just resting and doing nothing, but it’s not. It’s very boring. The only sensible thing I get to do, is eating vitamins and maybe do some easy exercise, like walking outside in warm clothing. So boring, but I want to win this flu and to be able to some awesome air kicks again!

P.S. I almost shared some photos of trying to be cool and taking it easy, but since it’s not possible, I won’t!



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